About Jake Krantz

(I’m not so sure how I should type this out. I could say “Jake Krantz is the founder of jakekrantz.com, and we pride ourselves in..” As if I have a whole team working on this blog with me, which sounds super professional. Or I could acknowledge that I maintain this all by myself which sounds pretty impressive in its own way.

I think I’ll go with the second one.)

I am currently living in New York City working towards my BFA in Film at the School of Visual Arts. I have also studied acting on the side and I am currently studying improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater right here in New York. Since I was a child I loved being creative. I loved making up characters and stories. This passion for creativity soon developed into a passion for movies.

To this day I am still pursuing my goal of ultimately being a storyteller for a living. I love stories that make people laugh and make us all feel excited to be alive. I have grown to understand and appreciate filmmaking as an art form as well as an incredible tool to entertain and bring people together.

While by general standards that I would be considered a “film student” I try not to consider myself one. (Except when I can get discounts on expensive movie stuff). Filmmaking is and always will be a learning process. I will be learning more and more from now and until I make my last movie. The world is an exciting place and I am happy to have found my place in it. I hope through this website I will be able to share with you, my passion for certain films. I hope you will learn something new, and ultimately be inspired by them just like I have. Hope you enjoy.